Enjour a day sailing on a boat of Breton legacy


An unforgettable day sailing on a boat of Breton legacy

A day at sea on boarding to the KROG E BARZ

A day at sea

Sail with us to discover an island. Enjoy the old-style moves, hoist the main sail, take the helm or enjoy the moment by dragging the line. Enjoy the wild beauty of the islands of Houat and Hoedic. (Restaurant, creperie on site, or picnic).


  • Adult: 59 euros
  • Child (1 to 12 years old): 49 euros
  • (Free up to 1 year old)

Houat Island

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

  • Departure: 8.40am*
  • Return: 5.30pm
Stop from 11.30am to 2.50pm


Hoedic Island

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Departure: 8.40am*
  • Return: 5.30pm
Stop from 11.30am to 2.50pm


*Departure trip timetable has to be respected, return trip timetable is given as a guide.


View of the KROG E BARZ an evening in the Gulf

An evening in the Gulf

Discover the universe of the Morbihan Gulf, during an evening trip on this peacefull inner sea. Apéritif served on board.


  • Departure: 5.40pm – Return: 8.00pm
  • Adult: 40 euros
  • Child (1 to 12 years old): 30 euros
  • (Free up to 1 year old)




General information

The Krog E Barz is a copy of a lobster fishing boat from 1909. These big sloops went lobster fishing with lockers as far as Portugal.


Approved as “boat with legacy interest” by the Foundation of the Maritime and Fluvial Legacy.
Approved by the Maritime Affairs.


  • Length overall: 22m
  • Length of the deck: 15m
  • 27 tons with 7 tons of ballast
  • 210 square metres of sails, including 90 square metres of main sail
  • 10 bunks, kitchen, toilets
  • 18 passengers + 2 crew


Ticket office:

Port Navalo landing stage, phone: +332 97 49 07 50

Customised trip, phone: +336 47 35 73 84



Port-Navalo (Arzon, Morbihan)

Possible in Locmariaquer with “Le Passeur des Iles”



  • July / August: free car park (GPS: N 47°32’48” W 2°53’17”) at the 3rd turning on your right after the roundabout of Kerjouano, and then take the free shuttle to the pier from 8.15 am to 8.00 pm (every fifteen minutes)
  • Car park (paying in July and August): 100 metres before the landing stage, turn right before the harbour master’s office (GPS: N 47°32'54” W 2°54’58”)


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